For Our Dear International Friends


Finnish traditionals in english

I will be playing gentle live music when you arrive to the occasion and on the background of dining. This gives the party a gentle and smiling start, relaxes tensions and lets us settle in the room gently. The songs tell us something about finnish soul, as some of them are finnish folksongs and classics in english! !

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The Ancient Poem Singer with Kantele

Ancient Mr. Wäinämöinen will visit your dinner on a spot that is perfect for interactive well-beeing with music and mystery. You may also have the opportunity to try the secret powers of Kantele-Playing!

Wäinämöinen ja kantele – tuo mystinen menneisyytemme, joka edelleen elää meissä ja kulttuurissamme

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The Very Last Savolax Shaman

The funny and mysterious Creature pops in when the time is perfect. Tha very last savolax Shaman needs your help in despair: He has no-one to go on his geens and the message he has… Interactively this problem will be solved with your pleasant help.

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